finallogo-03I love boats. Kind of strange considering I am terrified of the ocean and live in a desert. But my love for boats are for the stories they hold, their craftsmanship, and the adventurous aura they project from their towering sails. I can only sit and imagine what it would have been like to see the first of many merchant ships being built. Gazing in wonderment on the expeditions they would go on and the stories its voyagers would return with. To hear tales of creatures from the deep, storms being summoned by the gods, and to hear of people from other lands that seem to be part of a different world. I would picture myself on the docks, seeing the boats come back stained with salt from the sea, lumber worn and discolored, sails ripped and patched back together countless times. Yet they become more beautiful with each return and continue to share the terrifying and majestic experiences they endure from the mysteries of the sea.

Full disclosure, this blog isn’t about boats. This blog contains the accounts of people, including myself, struggling with a mental illness and how they live with it on a day to day basis. I thought it appropriate to use the above analogy to help paint you a picture. Our minds and body are the boats. Our experiences, good or bad, are our journey through the seas. While you are here I hope you find comfort and hope in the stories that are offered. Welcome to “Voyagers Journal