Like a Bow

The hunter notches his arrow carefully, so not to damage the fletching; he only had a few arrows left for his day out on a hunt. He’s been tracking the boar for hours now, and he finally had his shot. As the over sized beast snacked on some nearby berries, he began to draw back his bow, feeling the sweat falling from his brow and the tension in his arms. In a quick moment, a loud crack from the bow echoed throughout the forest. The boar vanished in an instant. The bowman was distraught. The boar was gone, his stomach was empty, and his favorite bow was broken. As he checked to assess the damage he realized he was bleeding from his hand. Seems the bow cut into it when it snapped unexpectedly. The bow had served him for just over three years. It was made out of yew and was carefully crafted to be able to handle countless hunts. But he knew he didn’t care for the bow as much as he should have; as he always did forget to unstring his bow after a long hunt.

The hunter experienced a hardship when his bow broke. Perhaps he was hunting for his family. Maybe he was hunting for himself. In any circumstance, the one tool that he depended on, for survival, broke. Having to make a new bow and track another beast takes time, and rightfully so. You want to make sure your bow is made to function as it was made to function. You don’t want to rush it, you want to perfect it as much as possible. So it is with your mind also. At one point in your life you may feel an overwhelming feeling of depression, anxiety, or suffer from other mental illnesses. When this happens, you will feel hopeless and may feel there is no way out.  But there is always a way out. Seeing a doctor, taking medication, finding an outlet for stress, and eating healthy. All these things can be instrumental to getting you back on the road to recovery.

I remember the day I started struggling to get out of bed. I remember feeling great one day and then wanting to die the next. I remember when I started feeling that everything that I was, was gone. But as I looked for solutions to my problems things got so much better. And yes, I do struggle from time to time, but I know how to get back on track. I know when I need to slow down and take care of myself. For me personally, I do yoga to calm myself down. After that I read my scriptures to remind myself on how important and loving my Heavenly Father is. I remember the atonement and how it can heal all broken things.

So my challenge to you, is to find something that helps you remind yourself on who you are. Don’t lose yourself to whatever you are struggling with. So many times when we think we can’t take it anymore, something or someone comes along to pull you out. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in that very spot. But I promise you, that there is always a healthy and sure way to get yourself where you need to be to live your life.

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